10 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

The most common problem that every android user face is the battery drain issue. No matter how you use, your phone charge is consumed all time by background activities of android. So it’s better to use a battery saver app to save the charge on the battery. In order to reduce your burden, we have listed the best battery saver apps for your android mobile.

Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky Battery Life is one of the best battery saver app available in the play store. It monitors all the app activities very efficiently. It allows to force stop the unwanted app that running in the background. Using Kaspersky Battery Life, you can able to control which app to run and close while the screen is off. It reminds you to charge the battery when it is about to die. Regendus also featured Kaspersky Battery Life as the best battery saver app.


2Battery is a popular battery saver app. Its main feature is automatically turning off the mobile data when you are not using it actively. Also, you can able to give mobile data access to particular apps like Gmail, messenger, etc. Its user interface is very easy to use; there won’t be any confusing menus and options. You can use this app to extend your battery life for a very long time.


AndroidBooster is the best app to save both battery power and memory. In addition to battery saving option AndroidBooster have a memory optimization feature that allows you to increase your phone’s speed significantly. It also has the add on features like app manager, task killer, file organizer, and network manager. Using this app will increase the overall performance of your android mobile.

DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is available in both free and paid versions. The free version is more than enough to save your phone’s battery life. It tells the exact time left to charge your mobile. It has a very simple interface for everyone to understand. The free version of DU Battery Saver claims to boost 50 percent of battery life where paid version claims to boost about 70 percent. If you have the budget go with paid version else stay on the free version itself.

dfndr battery

dfndr battery app offers various ways to extend your phone’s battery life. Rather than closing unwanted apps in the background dfndr battery halts down those apps to save battery life. It also increases battery life by reducing the screen brightness to the maximum extend. It provides various optimization techniques like quick optimization, battery cooler, and super optimization. You can also customize your lock screen using the dfndr battery app.

Avira Optimizer

Avira Optimizer is one of the best professional battery saver app. It allows you to create various battery profiles which can be used as per your need. It has the very unique feature of identifying the most used app and rarely used apps to make them run and quit. Avira Optimizer’s interface is most attractive; anyone will fall in love with its UI. Also, it automatically turns off the mobile screen when you place it in your pocket.


AccuBattery displays every information about battery capacity, usage, and health. It is very useful in analyzing the battery statistics efficiently. You can see the amount of charge used by each and every app very clearly and disable the unwanted apps that consume too much power. It has the alarm feature, which prevents you from overcharging the device. 

Power Battery

Power Battery app not only extends the battery life but also cleans the junk files and memory. Battery saver features disable the unwanted apps running in the background and prevents the mobile from overheating. It offers various power-saving modes you can choose any one as per your wish.

Go Battery Pro

Go Battery Pro is very easy to use battery saver app. It significantly increases the phone’s battery life by closing unwanted apps, reducing screen brightness, and smart charging. It also offers a junk cleaning option to improve the overall phone speed.