6 Best Car Donation Programs

Donating your car is one of the best ways to bring a smile to someone’s face and help them in need. It will help you even use your old car for a noble cause to be a part of a good initiative. Generally, the charities don’t indulge themselves directly in the donation process of charity. But, instead, they tie up with some other non-profit fundraising organization that handles this process for them and takes their cut for processing the whole process smoothly.

If you are someone who wishes to donate your car, then you can choose one program to suffice your needs. To make this choice easier for you, we have come up with a list of some of the best car donation programs you can go for to meet your requirements. Have a look at them and take your call!! Make sure that you check the program wisely and go for the legitimate program to suffice your needs.

1. Donateers

Donateers is one of the most amazing car donation programs you can connect to for donating your old car. They will help you find the best charities near your place and list all of them under a single roof so that you can go for the one that is just apt for you. They even accept the vehicles in the non-working conditions for their charity program and offer you the tax deduction slip over the email. 

The best part is that you even get the free towing service with them, and they are just a call away to assist you in your noble cause. They take the proper care of all the paperwork, and you need not worry about the same. 

2. One Car, One Difference

One Car, One Difference is one of the most amazing campaigns that is being handled by the Auto Auctions Donation Division. If you want to donate your car and contribute for good to society, you can go with them. They will handle all the tedious processes on your part and help you with an easy donation for your car. 

With this organization, you get the 72% of the gross proceeds from the sale of a vehicle. And with this great percentage, One Car, One Difference Makes a difference in society and motivates everyone to do some good. 

3. Charity Motors

If you want to donate to the charity of your choice with the assistance of your car, then Charity Motors is just the apt place for you. This organization accepts car donations and sells them to the individuals who need them at a 50% price per the market value. 

Besides selling, they use a high percentage of these earnings to donate it to the charity of your choice. They offer you the highest tax deductions for your car donations. Charity Motors will not only provide you great deductions but will also help someone in need.

4. Car Donation Wizard

You must be thrilled to encounter that Car Donation Wizard is a tool that will help you with the process of donating your car. This tool has embarked a great name in the market and will offer 80% of the proceeds to the charities that collaborate with them. 

Advanced Remarketing Services offers this tool, which is one of the renowned names in the market for offering the users the privilege to save on their costs associated with donation processing. 

5. Riteway Charity Services

If you search for an organization that offers the highest amount of proceeds to charities, then Riteway Charity is the one to suffice your needs. This is one of the highly reputable fundraising organizations that pass 75-100% of the funds to charities collected from car donations. 

They donate these funds to the charities that have a contract with them. The amount of funds received by the charity depends upon the value of your vehicle. You can trust this program to stand as per your expectations. 

6. V-DAC (Vehicle Donations to Any Charity)

V-DAC is a reputed name in the market that assures you that 70-75% of the funds received from car donations will be passed to the charities with a contract. They offer a unique fee schedule to the consumers as well as to the charities. 

This schedule will have a rough idea of the estimated fund that a charity will receive based upon the car’s market value. This is one of the greatest initiatives that will help both the consumers and the charities get an idea of what they will get. 


These are some of the great programs that are working towards bringing a revolutionary change to the market. If you have an old car and want to donate it, you can go with any of these programs and make a difference in society. So, start helping and keep on donating!! This will not only help you but will also help the charities in a great sense.