7 Best Websites to Learn Data Science Course

Demand for trained data scientists remains insane, and IBM has recently predicted that the amount of data scientists employed in the next two decades will rise by 28 per cent.

Businesses in all sectors are beginning to take advantage of the tremendous increase in data and emerging big data techniques available to evaluate and extract value from these.

This makes it a perfect opportunity for someone in an exciting and cutting edge field who is looking for a well-paid job. In addition, there is a multitude of paid data science course and tutorials that motivated an individual to use as a springboard for a lucrative and fulfilling career.

An individual with an understanding of the principles would always be better equipped to use these resources than those without them. And if you’re trying to add analytical skills to your personal resume, you can do far worse than trying at any of those courses. It should be noted that while you will receive information about these courses without paying a penny, some may charge for certificates after you have completed the course.

Data Science Specialization-JHU @ Coursera

This course series is one of the most highly registered and rated class sets on this list. JHU did a brilliant job in matching the show’s scope and breadth. One aspect that is usually absent from other data science courses in this series is a whole section on statistics, which is the cornerstone of data science.

Overall, a good synthesis of theory and implementation using the R programming language is Data Science. You must have some programming experience (it doesn’t have to be R) with respect to the criteria, and you get a good understanding of algebra. It is not important to have advanced knowledge of linear algebra and/or calculus but is useful.

EdX – Data Science Basics

This curriculum is offered by Microsoft and is part of the data science program’s professional qualification, but it can also be accessed through EdX as an individual course. Students are expected to have an “introductory” understanding of R or Python, currently the two most common languages for programming in data science. The areas discussed include probability and statistics, data mining, visualization and a Microsoft Azure application introduction to machine learning. While all course materials are free, at the end of the course, students can pay ($90 in this case) to get an official certification.

Data science presentation — Métis

An incredibly highly rated class — 4.9/5 on SwitchUp and 4.8/5 on CourseReport — that a leading organization would teach live by a data scientist. This is a six-week course in data science that covers everything in the field of data science, and it is the only live online course on this list.

You can join the professor and other students for two nights a week to study data science as if it were an online school programme. Not only you can ask questions, but during office hours, the professor also invests more time in further assisting students who may be struggling.

Introduction to machine learning – Udacity

Machine learning is definitely one of the hot topics in science right now, and this course aims to provide a detailed overview, from principle to realistic implementation. The course is also part of Udacity’s paid “nano grade” in data analysis, in addition to an introduction to selecting data sources and choosing the equations that best fit a particular problem.


Dataquest is a wonderful tool in itself, but Dataquest serves as a perfect complement to your online learning even if you take other courses on this list.

Dataquest is giving up video courses and teaching through an interactive manual instead. In the browser, each topic in the data science monitor is followed by different interactive coding steps that lead you through the implementation of the particular subject you are studying.

Data Science Basics – IBM

IBM provides several free courses online via its website, formerly known as Big Data University and now called Physical Education. The framework covers 101 data science, theory, functional implementations, R programming, and tools from the open-source. It will take about 20 hours to complete altogether, but people with previous computer experience are likely to advance faster, while beginners can take a little longer.

CS109 Data Science – Harvard

This Harvard class, with its enormous combination of theory and practice, is among the best to start as a beginner. It’s not on an interactive site, like Coursera or edX, and it doesn’t offer credentials of any kind, but it’s certainly worth it, and it’s absolutely free.

Python is used in this curriculum, and several lectures explore the nuances of different data science libraries to solve practical and interesting issues. This is one of the few courses in data science that directly covers all components of the data science cycle.