Best Funniest Hollywood Comedy Movies of 2019 – You Must Watch

best comedy movie

Were you looking for a laugh? 2019 was a good year for Comedy lovers. Every single year there are always great films, but no genre can be ignored more than the comedy. The point of the movie is to laugh, so some people find it difficult to take it seriously. 

But if you like to laugh at the films, 2019 had some quite great opportunities. If you’re a comedy fan who searches for something that you lacked this year, or you just wonder what your favorite comedy of the year thought of at Cinema-Blend, check out our top 10 comedy movies of 2019 right here. We listed best 5 comedy movies only refer here to get 30+ comedy movies of all time.

1. Booksmart

It’s the fact that Kaitlyn Deaver and Beanie Feldstein don’t perform the typical high school comedy that stands out instantly. Rather, they are the “good children,” who were never in trouble. And this is the problem.

Four years of high school could have been more enjoyable for the best friends, who try to cram four years of the party into one evening and almost succeed. This makes Booksmart stand out immediately.

2. Dolemite is My Name

I would never have expected Eddie Murphy anywhere in a list of the year’s best comedies even a couple of years ago, not at all at the top. But, Dolemite is My Name reminds all the success of Eddie Murphy as an actor and comedian. This is an unmissable show.

Dolemite is My Name is Rudy Ray Moore’s biography, an entertainer who invented and adapted the stories of Dolemite’s fictional character in his own set in the 1970s. 

The character turned into a viral sensation in the seventies, which eventually led Moore to bring his character to the big screen, even though he had to finance the movie. Eddie Murphy is the perfect vehicle, and one of the best films of the year.

3. Good Boys

You can hardly better than boys who behave badly, if you’re looking for a good comedy for the night. 2019 had in years with the appropriately titled Good Boys one of the best examples of this genre. Jacob Tremblay did not know any of those terms. We still did not know that. 

Good Boys takes a pretty hard time with the vulgar tone, and thus it could be for all tastes, but the movie certainly hits more, and it has a surprising heart that makes it more than just a marathon of vulgar jokes. Nonetheless, you just can’t go wrong if you’re a fan of crude sex jokes.

4. Late Night

At least a movie tends to blow away the participants at the Sundance Film Festival every year. This year the movie was Late Night of Mindy Kaling. Amazon shelled out big bucks, and we heard just why when the film was debuting.

In the late evening talk show hosted by Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling is playing the new member of the entire masculine house. If Kaling’s insightful writing was not enough to make Late Night worth seeing, and so it is, the film also serves to remind us that Emmas Thompson is funny.

5. Always Be My Maybe

But while Long Shot is fine, Always Be My Maybe is probably the funniest romantic comedy of the year. The comedy Netflix stars Randall Park and Ali Wong as a few childhood friends who could have reunited after years. One is a fiery professional success, and not so much the other.

Always Be My Maybe is also worthwhile for the Keanu Reeves episode, where the boyfriend of the internet plays the most dramatic of himself. And yet, even without Keanu, the core story remains fun and engaging. Because it illuminates characters and traditions, we generally do not see in Rom-com movies.