Best Stephen King Books to Read While You Free

best stephen king books

Stephen King is a famous American master in writing horror storybooks. He has almost more than 80 collections. His writings were mostly believable, but it’s imaginative. 

He started his career with the first novel in Carrie in 1974. He has mostly touchable with horror books with page Turing and interesting. 

From the information searched on the internet, it seems that Lisey’s Story, a 2006 novel was the best one that he feels. He answered the interviewer without taking any time to think. We have collected his best 10 novels which we suggest in this article.

Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption:

You guys may get surprised at hearing the name Shawshank Redemption which was the movie name. Yes, but it was adopted form the 1982 Stephen book. 

You have known about him that he will write books based on the horror story only. This novel shows him that he will write some terrifying stories. This book says about the person who has not to commit any crime is sentenced to jail with the sadistic warden and prison rapist. 

The comparison between the movie and the novel is there is a short character for Andy Dufresne and Irish in a novel, but in Hollywood, they have different ideas about the character, as you all know. And it too becomes the best movie in Hollywood.

Dead Zone:

This novel has also become a movie with the star casting of Christopher Walken and Martin Sheen. This novel has become a great success in 1970, and the movie was made in 1983. 

This story tells about a schoolteacher Johnny Smith who has to get relieved from the coma with some physic abilities. He meets a deranged politician who aims to become a president, and he should or shouldn’t assassinate him. This story is so interesting one which gives you some twists.

Full Dark No stars

This is one of his tries with the short stories. He has given a pack in a few pages. This novel is a combination of 4 novels, which has a concept of the darkness of human nature and retribution. This story has four short titles 

  • 1922 this is about a murder which was done by a man to his own wife 
  • Big Driver this was about a drive for a home which was too worst 
  • Fair Extension this story discusses a man who deals with paranormal activities.
  • Good Marriage this is about how a marriage should be and not. 

The Dark Tower

This book was written in 80’s this novel become a blockbuster hit for Stephen King, this is also a 5 short stories which has been stitched into a single one. 

He took more than 12 years to complete writing this novel. Many of them were considering this was his best one. 

He has handled a science-fiction concept where the character has some quest to catch the man in black and get him to Dark Tower. It would be best if you guys try this novel once.

The Stand

A story of Captain Trips is a virus that destroys 99% of the planet. This book was published in 1978 the printing press were asked King to remove the chunk parts from the book because it takes too much of time to print. After reading this novel, many of the people were changed to Fan of King. The uncut version of this novel was published in later 1990.


The above books were my researched book list of King if you thought any book should rule this order kindly suggest. Get to know more about Stephen King.