10 Best Crew Cut Haircuts for Men

The best haircut will bring better personalities to a person. Choosing the best hairstyle that is equally balanced with fashion and work-related is a bit tricky. Luckily, as the hairstylists suggest, the crew cut is the best solution to balance both.

The crew cut is a simple haircut when compared to other different types of haircuts. In crew haircuts, the top is trimmed shorter, whereas the sides are trimmed much shorter than the top. Crew haircut is the one that perfectly fits for all different kinds of face shapes. Here I listed the best crew haircuts for you to choose. If you are not a big fan of crew cut means, check out the fade haircut styles.

  1.  Long Crew Haircut
  2.  Side Swept Crew Haircut
  3.  Short Crew Haircut
  4.  Brushed Forward Crew Haircut
  5.  Fluffy Spikes Crew Haircut
  6.  Centre only Crew Haircut
  7.  Curly Crew Haircut
  8.  High and Tight Crew Haircut
  9.  Fauxhawk Crew Haircut
  10. Thin and Tousled Top Crew Haircut

Long Crew Haircut:

The crew haircut need not be short as always, and if you prefer slightly longer hair on your top, then you need to choose the long crew haircut style. The length of the hair on top can be less than 4 inches in order to fit with the sides. The hair on the top should remain straight enough to look good. So, try to apply some quality hair gel to maintain the position.

Side Swept Crew Haircut:

This is a stylish way to style your crew haircut. It is one of the effortless haircuts to style and, of course, low maintenance. With few inches of hair on the top and sides equally trimmed, this haircut gives you a stunning look.

Short Crew Haircut:

If you are not a big fan of long crew haircuts, then you have a better option and probably can switch to it. Yes, the short crew haircut is the better option. It gives you a classic look, with the top and the back are trimmed with electric clippers.

Brushed Forward Crew Haircut:

Men with longer hair on top, and want to have crew haircut, the brushed forward crew haircut should be the first choice. To achieve this style, brush your hair to the front and trim your hair at the sides and back, starting from the middle then gradually downwards.

Fluffy Spikes Crew Haircut:

If you are tired of waking up with different hairstyles every day, then you are going to love this haircut. The haircut looks completely natural after it has done. With few inches on the top to make your spikes and slightly faded on the sides little downwards, the coolest haircut cut is done.

Centre only Crew Haircut:

If you are a person who doesn’t like to spend your time on hairstyling, better go for the center only crew haircut, and it’s for the best. To make this haircut, just leave behind some hair with proper length in the center, and try to trim thinly as possible both the sides as well as the back. 

Curly Crew Haircut:

Men with curly hair, find it difficult to choose their good looking haircut. No problem here is the best haircut for you. As most of the stylists prefer, curly crew haircut is the most trusted one for curly hair. It is ideally suited for both formal and casual ways.

High and Tight Crew Haircut:

You will be stunned by the way how you will look in this awesome haircut. Next time, if you prefer a crew haircut, give this high and tight haircut the best possible shot, it will never disappoint you.

Fauxhawk Crew Haircut:

This haircut goes well with the men having curly hair. If you want your top hair attractive, then you can select this haircut. If this is your haircut, then start to fade the hair right from the middle of the head with longer hair on top. A perfect beard will be a perfect combo for this haircut.

Thin and Tousled Top Crew Haircut:

This haircut is suitable for men who are with thinner hair. If you have thinner hair, then whatever the hairstyle you choose, maintain decent length on the top.  Most of the men with thinner hair cannot cover their heads properly; for them, this will be the best suitable haircut.