5 Best Ever Tips On How To Clean Up Dog Hair

If we say pet, then the first thing that comes to our mind is Dog. Dogs are one of the attractive pet for each and every human. Most probably, humans won’t see Dog as a pet. They see them as one of the family members. To make yourself and your family hygiene, you need to take some steps, especially remove fur, lint, and hair form the Dog. Here we will see some five best tips to clean dog hair from our house.

tips cleaning dog hair

Clean Using Covering Method

Covering the furniture and other materials that your Dog uses. You can use any kind of blankets or any area rugs. You can’t throw your furniture in the washing machine to clean, but you can throw your blanket into it, to make it clean. Most of the people won’t do this because they will think that their furniture will lose their stylish look.

Nowaday’s many of the companies get to know this problem and make their own cover design to make the look of the furniture. This makes your living room much better. You can also find these types of covers online. 

Clean Using Humidifier

During the winter season, you can use this method to keep your living room moist and make your home dry. By adding these kinds of moisture makes it very easier to clean your room. 

By using this humidifier, you can make your room dry, which makes you clean your dog hair and fur easier by making it lose and cling to the surface.

You need to clean the hair manually. The only thing is it won’t get stuck to the surface. It also makes human skin dry and too easier to breathe.

Clean Using Vacuum

The hair may stick to some of the unreachable spaces, which make us irritating to remove that hair. There is a thing which we all know is a vacuum; using a vacuum, we can remove all the hairs. We need to give regular maintenance to our vacuum because the machine is so hard in handling dog hair so that regular maintenance will give some life for the vacuum cleaner.

The main vacuum parts are crush, belt, and roller. We need to clean it perfectly, which results in efficient usage of vacuum. For cleaning dog hair using a vacuum, there is some specially designed vacuum, so find the best one accordingly.

Clean using Duct Tape

Most of us spend on lint rollers to remove dog hair, but the duct tape will do what a roller can do. These duct tape or packing tape saves your money for removing dog hair.

Remove the dog hair from the clothes by keeping a roll and stick to it and strip of. There is no mechanism present in this technique only thing you are going to do is to stick the tape to clothes where dog hair presents and strip off.

Keep your Dog groomed

This is not a method to clean dog hair from your room, but it used to prevent from shedding of dog hair. Regular grooming of dog hair will make you to collect the loose hair that was going to shed down and dying.

So you will notice that kind of hair in grooming itself, so shedding off will become lesser, and you won’t find many numbers of hair get shed down in your living room. This makes the chance of falling of hair lesser and also regularly uses the brush to remove hair, which is looser and in the dying stage.

There are groomers and brushes that are designed to remove hair from a dog are present in the market. Regularly make your dog to bath, which will be easier to brush on the hairy of your dog. This will help you with the less usage of vacuum. This method is one that you are doing as a precaution before the problem arrives.


How you make your skin surface neat and clean is as much necessary to keep your pet surface neat and clean. If you follow the above-mentioned steps to remove the dog hair, you won’t find any dog hair in huge number in your living place.

Source: dogsbestlife.com