Best Keyword Rank Checking Tools For Bloggers

As a blogger, you can easily rank your website or blogs using white hat or black hat techniques. But tracking the rank of keywords is a real headache for you. Because manually doing this work will take a lot of time and difficult to manage. So we came up with this article to tell you the best keyword rank checking tools to automate your work.

keyword rank checking tools

Many rank checking tools are available on the internet. All of them have their unique features, so we examined those tools with the following three critical factors.


  • Data and metrics provided in the online dashboard.
  • Way of presenting the required information. 

Tracking Capability

  • Frequency of rank tracking like weekly or daily.
  • Type of rank tracking like local or down to the city
  • Competitors tracking for your keywords.

Reports and Alerts

  • Monthly or Weekly reports
  • Email notifications for the rank change

Here we listed three best online rank tracking tools. We prefer online tools because it is easy to use and share with your team members.

Best Keyword Rank Checking Tools


Rank Tracking becomes very easy with the RankTracker SEO tool. Because it is very easy to use and efficient in tracking the keywords.


RankTracker has a very clean UI to display all required information. It contains seven different sections to manage your data. Those sections are Overview, Competitors, Pages, Metrics, Grossing, Discover Keywords, SEO, vs. PPC Savings.

The overview page will show your keywords targeted country, position, volume, traffic, SERP features, and URL for which the keyword is ranking for. Also, they have graphical representations for these data.

Your competitors also tracked for your targeting keywords in a separate section. Pages section will show all your URL’s, which is ranking on SERP. The metrics section will show data of keywords like Position, Keyword Difficulty, CPC, volume, etc.

Tracking Capability

With RankTracker, you can able to track your keywords for a particular country, state, or even city. Simply add your domain on their dashboard and choose the targeting location and platforms to track.

Reports and Alerts

RankTracker allows us to create a customized report so you can choose your required data and then download it as pdf or CSV. Also, you will get email alerts for the keyword changes.


SERPWatcher took the second position in our list because of its ease of use feature.


SERPWatcher has two sections to display all the essential data.

You will get tracked keywords, search volumes, and position changes on the Overview column.

The timeframes column will compare your keyword’s current position with three previous records.

Tracking Capability

You can easily add your domain to the SERPWatcher dashboard and choose the country or city to track. Also, you can able to choose the platform like desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Reports and Alerts

Instead of static pdf reports, SERPWatcher has interactive online tracking reports. Like Google Sheets, anyone with the link can able to access the reports of your website. Their Automatic reports and alerts feature will allow you to get a weekly report or monthly report on your mail. Also, you can able to create custom alerts based on event triggers.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking started its journey as a keyword rank tracking platform and developed as a complete SEO suite. Like you can able to monitor your backlinks, do competitor and keywords research, and on-page SEO audits.


In SE Ranking, you can able to track your keywords by different combinations like Country, Platform, Search tool, etc. Also, you can able to view data for a particular time period. They have a simple navigation system for every user so you can able to sort the data based on average position, country, search volume, etc

Tracking Capabilities

With SE Ranking, you can able to track your keywords based on country, region, or city. It will monitor the real-time positions of your keywords in different search engines. Also, you can able to track the Google maps result in mobile and desktop mode.

SE Ranking allows you to track five of your competitors with your keyword. Or it will automatically discover your top 10 organic competitors.

Reports and alerts

In SE Ranking, you can able to create White Labelling report. It is most useful for SEO agencies to use their logo and agency name. You can create reports from 18 modules such as a ranking table, traffic goals, cover page, competitors, rankings, etc.


We clearly explained the best keyword ranking tools for your SEO work. All of them have different pricing so choose anyone based on your budget and required feature.