8 Best Tips to Buy Good Quality Wheel Bearings

Most of the time, you can able to get good condition products in the second-hand purchase. But it will not work in case of wheel bearings because it is the main reason to move your car wheels smoothly and easily. Also, it handles the weight of the car more efficiently. So it must be extraordinarily good in condition and have a perfect shape.

buy good quality wheel bearings

If you are thinking of buying a used wheel bearing means, then it will be the worst choice. Because it will lose its quality while moving of a car. So, it won’t fit your car at any chance. Hence, only one best way is to buy new wheel bearings from an authorized shop.

While buying new wheel bearings, you have to follow the tips mentioned below else you will end up buying the worst quality product.

Prefer Authorized Shop

It is the very first procedure that you must follow in buying each and every product. A lot of fake shops will fool you by giving the worst product. Also, some people will say replacement cost is free with the product purchase don’t believe that. Because rear wheel bearing replacement cost are usually high, if someone claims like that mean simply reject them and go to Authorized shops.

Inspect Your Wheel Bearings

In order to verify the wheel bearings are in good condition, you have to check it twice. It must be in good looking state without any dust particle. And the seals must be placed over the bearings. If you are not good at checking these things means, hire a professional mechanic for the inspection process.


The average lifespan of the wheel bearing is about 150-160,000kms. This value may vary depending upon the brand type, manufacturer, and components used. Durability is very low in local brand products, so it will fail quickly. Always purchase a reputed brand’s product in case of wheel bearings because it will always in a working state.

Verify the Price

Many people in the market will say the heavy price for wheel bearings. Those prices are not worth it at all. So you have to manually verify the price in at least four to five shops. Also, you can able to get the price details from online websites.

Buy Correct Product

This is the most common mistake that many people make. They will buy the wrong product which is not suits for their car. Also, most shop owners won’t get back their sold products. So you have to double-check the bearings that suit for your car or not else you will lose your money.

Check the Material

good quality wheel bearings

Wheel bearings can be made up of several types of materials. These materials play a vital role in the elasticity of the bearing, which allows getting its actual shape. So you must consider the type of material that used to built the wheel bearings while purchasing.

Thermal Conductivity

Heat will be produced during the rotation of wheels. It is because of the friction of ball bearings. In this condition, your wheel bearing must able to withstand this heat else it will be damaged badly. Good thermal conductivity is the only way to absorb this heat. So your wheel bearing must manufacture using good thermal conductivity materials.

Corrosion resistance

Rust will form in all types of metals wheel bearings is not an exception. Obviously, we can’t be able to stop the rusting process, but we can resist it. Different wheel bearings will have a different degree of resistance to corrosion. Choose a good wheel bearing that has a high level of resistance to corrosion else you have to replace it frequently.


So far, I told the most important aspects that you need to follow in purchasing a wheel bearing. I hope now you got knowledge of buying a good wheel bearing. Still, you confused in making a purchase means please comment your issue below I will help you.